Jericho House, Second Chance House, Hope House, Faith House, Victory House


The incarcerated man must write a letter to POC requesting an application for admission into the program prior to being released.  Requests can be mailed to:

POC Ministry

P.O. Box 43390

Jacksonville, FL  32203

Those who sincerely want help transitioning back to the community with a new lifestyle through our structured program are encouraged to apply.  

POC does not accept any third party requests for program acceptance.  A written request must be made by the applicant only.  As our spots remain full, we encourage interested parties to apply early.  We do not provide rooms for one night nor can we provide emergency shelter or release-day acceptance into the program.  

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These people are looking to spot the blue bag provided to all newly released felons.  They know the man has $50 in his pocket, and they hope to acquire those funds by offering prostitutes or drugs.  POC aims to be the first person to greet the ex-offender and get him started on the path to a better way of life.

Incoming clients are taken to their new home, one of our transition houses. Each house has a shared living room and kitchen where men can socialize with their roommates. A POC staff member resident leader lives in each transition house and provides guidance, direction, and spiritual support.  POC helps the newcomers get settled in by taking them to felony registration and to obtain a Florida ID.

Residents are required to attend a weekly substance abuse recovery meeting to help them stay clean of drugs and alcohol.  They also participate in "Thinking 4 Change," a program focusing on the cognitive processes associated with criminal behavior and alternative strategies for achieving positive change. Each resident has the opportunity to receive individual counseling to help identify his goals and his needs, and develop a personal plan to achieve them.

The men begin to live with a new outlook on life; one with dignity, respect, and support.  Clients voluntarily remain in our residential program for 6-12 months depending on their progress.

As POC is a faith based program and we truly believe a personal relationship with Jesus is the most effective tool of change, the residents are encouraged to attend the church of their choice. This may include Safe Passage Community Fellowship which was created to be a place where ex-offenders could worship comfortably and learn to walk with God.