Men currently incarcerated can apply for admission to the POC residential program through the chaplain's office at their Florida corrections facility.  

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We are adding to our staff!  Visit again soon to meet our new Jobs Specialist.


Dr. J. Stephen McCoy, President

Mr. Ken Durkee, Chairman
Rev. Stanley Grenn
Dr. Michael Hallett

Mr. Dwayne Harmon
Mr. Ralph Heim
Mr. Ken Jefferson
Mr. A. J. Johns
Mr. Alec Lawson
Mr. Douglas Milne
Mr. Kevin Nill
Mr. Frank Pearce
Hon. John Rutherford
Mr. Guy Selander

Mr. Bob Springer

Sheriff Mike Williams

 Ashley Chattaway

Office Administrator
Ashley manages our on-site office, handling all required paperwork for our contracts, the scheduling of appointments, bookkeeping and more!  

"POC exists to give every man his very best opportunity at a true second chance."

Alec Lawson

Alec handles the overflow of appointments with job-seeking individuals as needed, replicating the duties of the CEM.  Alec has been involved in prison ministry with Steve McCoy since 2004. 

Dr. J. Stephen Mccoy, PRESIDENT

Steve McCoy is uniquely qualified to lead Prisoners of Christ. In 2003, he founded the first all-volunteer faith based dorm in the United States at Lawtey Correctional Institution, while pastoring in Jacksonville. He was heavily instrumental in Lawtey CI becoming the first faith based prison in the U.S. Following 36 years of full-time pastoral ministry, Steve "retired," but soon after, assumed the role of Executive Director for POC. Steve says he senses God's pleasure as he sees broken people restored, renewed, and made whole.  


FREE job search & placement services,  interview training, resume creation and submission, skills assessment, transportation to interviews so each client may become gainfully employed.

Greg Seymour

​Greg oversees our Residential Program. He corresponds with potential clients, coordinates their arrival, and documents their transition through the POC program once they become a resident.    


A community fellowship open to all people who wish to attend church in a non-judgmental setting.  Every Friday night, 7 pm at the POC home office,, 2821 Gibson Road, Jacksonville, FL  32207