Craig Rodenkirch
Jobs Specialist
Craig helps clients perform job searches, submits resumes and arranges interviews.  He also provides flyers and information about our employment services to the Jacksonville Reentry Center, area prisons, and the bus station.   . 


 Ashley Chattaway

Office Administrator
Ashley manages our on-site office, handling all required paperwork for our contracts, the scheduling of appointments, bookkeeping and more!  



Men currently incarcerated can apply for admission to the POC residential program through the chaplain's office at their Florida corrections facility.  

Alec Lawson

Jobs Specialist
Alec meets with job seeking clients to prepare their resume.  He also teaches job interview skills to each client.  Alec has been involved in prison ministry  since 2004. 

Rev. Jeff Witt, President and CO

Mr. Ken Durkee, Chairman
Rev. Stanley Grenn
Dr. Michael Hallett
Mr. Ralph Heim
Mr. Ken Jefferson
Mr. A. J. Johns

Mr. Alec Lawson
Mr. Douglas Milne
Mr. Kevin Nill
Mr. Frank Pearce
Congressman John Rutherford
Mr. Guy Selander
Mr. Bob Springer

Ms. Tara Wildes

Sheriff Mike Williams

Greg Seymour

​Greg oversees our Residential Program. He corresponds with potential clients, coordinates their arrival, and documents their transition through the POC program once they become a resident.    



A community fellowship open to all people who wish to attend church in a non-judgmental setting.  Every Friday night, 7 pm in the chapel on the POC campus, 6940 Atlantic Blvd., Jacksonville, FL  32211


FREE job search & placement services,  interview training, resume creation and submission, skills assessment, transportation to interviews so each client may become gainfully employed.

Jeff served as a pastor for fourteen years in St Johns County. He worked at Florida State Prison for almost four years and spent the last two years as a classification officer at Nassau County Sheriff's Office. 

Jeff holds an undergraduate divinity degree from The Baptist College of Florida, a B.A. in Philosophy with a concentration in Applied Ethics from the University of North Florida, and has a Master’s of Public Administration Degree.

 Jeff and his wife Abby have been married twenty three years come July and are the parents of two daughters.